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MasterCard to offer first wireless ATM locator service in Canada

MapInfo Corporation announced that it has teamed with MasterCard to create the first mobile ATM Locator. Now available to TELUS Mobility PCS and Mike clients across Canada, the MapInfo-powered ATM Locator enables users to locate more than 35,000 MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus ATMs using their mobile phones.

The ATM Locator application is the newest offering from MasterCard’s Information Products and Services (IPS) Group. Built on miAware(TM), MapInfo’s industry-leading location services platform, the MasterCard ATM Locator integrates directly with MasterCard’s database of more than 35,000 Canadian ATMs and is now available on a “pay per use” basis over TELUS Mobility’s PCS and Mike digital wireless networks. The application can be found under the tools menu on the client’s TELUS handset. For the first time, mobile phone users can enter their current location, such as a street address or landmark on their handsets, and receive the exact location of the closest ATM. For instance, business travelers, vacationing families and anyone in an unfamiliar city can locate the closest MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus ATM, saving time and eliminating the costly transaction fees often charged by other financial institutions. In addition, TELUS Mobility clients can customize the application for their own specific needs by selecting a preferred bank and requesting only its ATM locations.