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Master Plan for Logistics will mapp bridges and roads in Mato Grosso state, Brasil

Cuiabá, MT, January 6, 2015-Bridges and roads from Mato Grosso state will be mapped from now with the construction of a Logistics Director Plan for Mato Grosso. The goal is to make a diagnosis of the main problems and what needs improvement. The Logistics Master Plan is one of the points contained in the Management Agreement the first 100 days, of this new goverment, which should be delivered before the 30th of March.

The construction of the Director of Logistics Plan for Mato Grosso was announced by the Deputy Governor Carlos Fávaro and Secretary of Infraesrutura and Logistics, Marcelo Duarte Monteiro, during a meeting of the servants of the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Logistics (Sinfra) on Tuesday morning (06).

According to the Deputy Governor Carlos Fávaro with the diagnosis in hand you can “understand what roads need improvement.” He pointed out that even this moment the government of Mato Grosso state passes is just the understanding of the real situation of each area. “So the decrees announced on Friday (02:01), so that we can be aware of the situation and so begin work in peace and security.”

Within the Sinfra in its restructuring, says Secretary Marcelo Duarte four departments were created. These departments are divided into Operation and Maintenance; Strategic Projects; Systemic Management; and Road Works. “My biggest goal here is to make this organism works, since it was already strong, large and respected throughout the state“.

On the last day 02 the governor Pedro Taques and Infrastructure Secretary announced that emergency measures to minimize problems caused by heavy rains in the state highways in Mato Grosso are being taken.

According to Marcelo Duarte, in a recent interview, Mato Grosso need today of approximately US $ 6 billion per year invested in infrastructure to continue to grow on the Chinese economy level.

Source: CenarioMT.com.br