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MASA SWORD to Enable Unique Capabilities for Logistics Command Staff

France: Training solutions have traditionally focused upon tactical scenarios, neglecting logistics command posts requirements. Recognising this need, MASA Group (MASA) is planning to develop advanced logistics models for its flagship product. SWORD will be the very first solution to provide state-of-the-art simulation capabilities to train logistics command staff. With continuing pressure on defense budgets, increasing numbers of armed forces around the world are turning to simulation-based training solutions. There are two major benefits to this approach: significantly reduced costs and the ability to use highly realistic computer generated forces (CGF) to represent a comprehensive catalogue of armed forces and civilian stakeholders.

MASA's expertise in the simulation industry is globally acknowledged and its acclaimed SWORD automated war game for training and analysis is now deployed in around 15 nations worldwide. The latest product update will provide a number of key enhancements, including a completely redesigned approach on how to simulate features related to logistics chains. SWORD is a high-level constructive simulation using artificial intelligence algorithms and previously validated doctrine models to enable autonomous behaviors. Such capabilities allow commanders and their staff to be trained in a more efficient manner through highly realistic Computer Aided eXercises (CAX). SWORD offers a wide variety of use cases: it can be deployed via a stand-alone workstation for self-training, in a networked environment for command staff training, or integrated with a Battle Management System (BMS) as a decision support tool or for mission rehearsal training.

Source: MASA group