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Maryland adopts Splash with Ripple-Thru for MicroStation

July 12, 2002 – Digital Software, Inc has announced that Raytheon, in its winning bid for Software Engineering and Support Services will use Splash With Ripple-Thru as the enabling technology for the development of the Intelligent Traffic Engineering Design System (ITEDS) software for Maryland State Highway Administration. ITEDS core technology will be based upon the proven “Ripple-Thru” relationship engine developed by Digital Software president Norman E. Smith. Ripple-Thru technology allows engineering objects to be related such that a single CAD change has a ripple effect, adjusting all related objects and drawings in the project. This technology will allow road design changes to automatically adjust intelligent traffic signal designs and update MicroStation drawings with no further intervention from the user. Development of ITEDS is one of the ten tasks Raytheon has been contracted to perform under the two year contract. The contract is valued at $1.5 million. Other teammates joining Raytheon include RAM Consulting Corporation, KCI Technologies, and Sabra, Wang & Associates, Inc.