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Marshall County, IN selects DDTI to collect unrivalled E9-1-1 GIS Mapping

Marshall County, Indiana is next to receive the GIS intelligent centerlines with field verified address mapping. With the project only one week old, over half of Marshall County has been mapped with DDTI’s revolutionary Voice Recording DGPS technology. In a matter of weeks, Marshall County will have custom-made E9-1-1 and GIS mapping, possessing a depth, accuracy, and completeness unrivaled anywhere!

Marshall County GIS and E9-1-1 will have every address in the County geographically located and field verified for accuracy with an enormous wealth of attribute information about each address. In addition, the centerlines developed from approximately 1 million three dimensional GPS points, field verified for naming with alternate names associated with each road segment, and embedded with additional attribute information as to make them truly intelligent. This data is essential for E9-1-1, as lives will depend on this information. Not only will the individual safety of Marshall County residents depend upon this information, but the future of E9-1-1 service will rely increasingly upon this base mapping as the agency moves into advanced emergency technologies like AVL, ALI, ACN, Automated Routing, and the ever looming Wireless 9-1-1 call location (the mapping data is Wireless 9-1-1 Phase II compliant).

Off the shelf digital mapping products with their geocoding, database holes and inaccuracies, and gross spatial errors have been proven to be highly ineffective in facilitating both Wireless AND Wireline E9-1-1 service.