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Markel Elected to PaMAGIC Board of Directors

Christopher A. Markel was recently elected to the Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium (PaMAGIC) Board of Directors at the Pennsylvania Geographic Information System (GIS) Conference. PaMAGIC is a volunteer group of GIS professionals whose mission is to provide leadership, coordination, and guidance to enhance the development, use, and access to spatial information and related services in Pennsylvania.

PaMAGIC is currently developing the Best Practices and Conventions for GIS Development in the Commonwealth, an effort sponsored by the Federal Geographic Data Committee. This set of guidelines for GIS data layers will enable different regions throughout Pennsylvania to share information. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources have already adopted the Best Practices and Conventions.

Markel is an analyst for GeoDecisions, a software independent information technology company specializing in GIS. Responsible for technical operations and development, his duties include the design, development, and review of spatial information management systems; assessment and planning studies for the implementation of spatial information systems; and the research and development of products and technologies for use in the transportation business.

PaMAGIC is managed by a nine member Board of Directors. The nominations for current Board openings were finalized in early May, and voting took place up through the first day of the Pennsylvania GIS Conference.