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Marguerite Madden elected as ASPRS Vice President

The results of the 2005 election have been tallied by the Tellers Committee and they reported that Marguerite Madden won the election over Stephen DeGloria to become ASPRS Vice President for 2005. Once she is sworn in as President in 2007, Madden will be the sixth woman to hold that office since the Society was founded in 1934. With the installation of officers at the ASPRS Annual Conference in March, Karen Schuckman moves into the position of president; Kari Craun becomes president-elect, and Russell Congelton becomes past president. Madden is Director of the Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS), Department of Geography, University of Georgia.

Over the past two years, Madden has served on the ASPRS Board of Directors as the GIS Division Director. Through this experience she says she gained an appreciation for the responsibilities and tasks undertaken by members of the ASPRS Executive Committee and the Directors of the Divisions and Regions, and has become familiar with ASPRS finances, topics of concern, and special interests. As an officer she plans to focus attention on raising the global visibility of ASPRS in universities and technical institutions throughout the world. Madden feels that ASPRS has worked hard to build financial security for the Society. Attention now must be paid to fostering the ASPRS Foundation with the goal of securing long-term funding for its awards and scholarships. Providing students with the means and incentive to participate in ASPRS conferences and workshops will enhance their academic careers, establish professional networks and provide an opportunity to present cutting-edge research in technical sessions attended by an international audience. It also will bring new ideas and energy to ASPRS.