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MapViewSVG 6.0 released

27 February 2007 – MapViewSVG 6.0 offers powerful tools for ArGIS professional user to produce web mapping solutions based on the W3C SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard.

MapViewSVG allows one to convert maps with all layout settings, defined in ArcMap, to the SVG format (Scalable Vector Format). Users can publish maps as vector data on Internet/Intranet or on CD-ROM.

MapViewSVG supports vector, raster and annotation based layers. The extension handles SDE data, Geodatabases, Shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages, several CAD formats and all kind of raster data. Attribute data are handled in XML format or as database tables and are dynamically linked to the geometry written in SVG.

Several querying tools give the possibility to select features or display attribute data by searching. MapViewSVG creates dynamic, interactive maps which are draggable. Users can also turn on and off individual layers of the map. As an additional navigation one can use an overview map.

MapViewSVG 6.0 now offers new capabilities such as batch processing, tiling of line layers, statistical functionalities much better raster layer support etc. MapViewSVG does not need any software on server side. Firefox 2 or Opera 9 can display SVG natively.

If you use the Microsoft InternetExplorer you need the free Adobe SVGViewer. Additional informations about MapViewSVG as well as an evaluation version are available under