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MapViewSVG 2.0 now also available for ESRI ArcGIS 8.x

uismedia Lang & Müller has released the MapViewSVG. The Extension for ESRI GIS products is now available for ArcFiew 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x and has several new features: query-builder, zoom to selected features, zoom to query, advanced layout settings, measurement tools and coordinate read-out.

MapViewSVG allows you to convert maps with all layout settings to the SVG format (Scalable Vector Format). SVG allows you to publish your maps as vector data on Internet/Intranet or CD-ROM. SVG graphics have the advantage to be infinitely zoomable without loosing quality. Beside this, the file size is quite small and loads much faster in a web browser as raster data.
MapViewSVG has functionalities of zooming and panning. You can also turn on and off individual layers of the map. As an additional navigation you can use an overview map. The visualized maps offer a whole string of functions such as MouseOver effects, HTML links, links to external databases or information about features. All these functions are on the client side. No additional software will be needed on server side.
MapViewSVG supports vector and raster based data and also annotations coming from ArcView, ArcInfo or from CAD sources. The extension handles SDE data, Geodatabases, Shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages, Images, ImageCatalogs and several CAD formats. Attribute data are handled in XML format and are linked together with the geometry written in SVG. Additional you can find data with a query builder.