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MAPublisher floating licenses announced by Aveza

Avenza Systems Inc. of Canada announced that floating or networked licenses of MAPublisher 6.0 for Adobe Illustrator would be made available immediately. MAPublisher 6.0 is a feature-rich mapmaking software used to produce high quality maps from GIS data. This tri-platform solution offers support for Windows, Mac and Linux servers alike and includes the ability to check-out a license for remote use on a laptop computer.

Floating licenses are a cost-effective way of sharing software amongst multiple users in a networked environment and should be considered for any MAPublisher user environment in which more than one person uses it or in which it is desired that more than one person have access to it. Floating licenses are particularly useful for companies or academic labs with multiple users wherein not everyone uses the product at the same time.

Features/Benefits of MAPublisher floating licenses

· All the features and functionality of MAPublisher 6.0 for Adobe Illustrator is included.

· Empower multiple users and/or multiple computers without the cost of purchasing an individual specific license for each user or computer.

· Allows MAPublisher to be shared among an unlimited group of potential users. The actual MAPublisher client software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers and a can be used on any combination of computers concurrently, up to the maximum number set by the number of floating licenses purchased.

· Supports Windows, Mac and Linux servers.

· Supports mixed platform (Windows and Mac) client environments.

· Special laptop option enables users to borrow a license and take it on the road even when disconnected from the network.

· Additional client computers and/or users can be added at no extra cost.