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MapText awarded contract extension for mapping software to US Census Bureau

Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA, 18 December 2006 – MapText Inc. has received a contract extension from the US Census Bureau through one of the Bureau’s major contractors, Gunnison Consulting Group Inc, to provide automated text placement solutions. Gunnison was recently awarded a task extension for FY2007 to continue enhancing an expert system for placing text labels on computer-generated maps for the Census Bureau. MapText, Inc. will provide the customized text placement solutions as a sub-contractor to Gunnison.

To automatically produce the millions of maps required by the Census Bureau, MapText’s software has to achieve two things: (1) very high speed, and (2) the highest possible quality because manual post-editing is not possible on such a high volume of maps.

Names appearing on the maps have to be positioned to provide clear visual association between them and the labeled feature, without any overprinting, and without ambiguity – in a totally automated manner. MapText has developed and is currently enhancing the automated Text Placement System (TPS), which is integrated into the Census Bureau’s Mapping System. MapText’s TPS has enabled the Census Bureau to produce its maps in a matter of a minute or two, compared to the hours it would have taken if done by traditional means.

Much of the focus during the current year will be on supporting Census Bureau programs that will use the software to produce millions of maps for block canvassing, boundary and annexation surveys, and address listing operations. The text placement system will also be extended to provide for geometric figures around point text and area text. Further efforts will involve augmenting the log files with the coordinate and feature class information for forced and suppressed text for post-analysis.

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MapText is a label-placement solutions provider for local, state, and national government mapping agencies worldwide. Its software places text automatically for virtually any kind of map or chart. The software is in use worldwide for making city street maps, highway maps, cadastral maps, soil maps, utility maps, as well as nautical and aeronautical charts. For more information, visit www.maptext.com.