Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro 8.0 enhanced

Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro 8.0 enhanced


Amesbury, USA, November 01, 2007: Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro is a mapping source for professionals working in land surveying, real estate, firefighting, search and rescue, forestry management, and off-road exploration. The new TNP 8.0 adds 1-meter color aerial photos (DOQQ – Digital Ortho Quarter Quads) from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP)—2003-2007 data.

TNP also includes United States Geological Survey topographic maps at 1:24,000 and 1:100,000 map scales. Though topographic maps can be several years old, with TNP 8.0 you can easily update and create a revised map by comparing it to the 1-meter aerial photos.

Google Earth does not have detailed topographic maps and TNP users can easily customize a topo map and see the exact location displayed on a Google Earth image. Add routes, tracks, marks in TNP and see them on the Google image.

TNP 8.0, Additional Highlights & New Features:

  • Township and Range: TNP 8.0 displays TSR grids on topographic maps and aerial photos.
  • Overlay “U.S. Streets Module” on topo maps and aerial photos: $149.95 nationwide add-on. The ability to overlay streets and routes on topos and aerial photos lets the user create updated maps and photos with current street data—a feature not found in other street-based and topographic programs.
  • Touch Screen Friendly: The mouse swap button lets you interact with the TNP and map data either using the mouse or by moving your finger on a touch screen computer display.
  • Print Overlays: Overlays on topo maps and aerial photos can be previewed in the print window.