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MapServer 4.10.1 released

22 February 2007 – MapServer 4.10.1 has just been released. This new release addresses a few issues that were fixed since version 4.10.0 and contains no new functionality. The list of fixes since 4.10.0 include:

– Fixed text outline problem. (bug 2027)
– Fix support for OFFSITE for simple greyscale rasters (bug 2024)
– Ignore MS_DELETE layers in msWriteMapContext() (bug 2011)
– Fixed problem with WMS CONNECTION strings that contains a layer name with a “.” in them (bug 1996)
– Enabled setting of a layer tileindex (e.g. map_layername_tileindex) via the CGI program. (bug 1992)
– Added feature to the CGI to check runtime substitutions against patterns defined in layer metadata. (bug 1918)
– Fixed INCLUDEs to accept paths relative to the location of the mapfile (bug 1880)
– maperror.c: fix long in-image error message wrapping (bug 1963)
– maperror.c: fix closing of stderr/stdout after writing error msg (bug 1970)
– Fixed setRotation() to check for MS_SUCCESS, not MS_TRUE (bug 1968)
– sde->row_id_column needs to be initialized to NULL in msSDELayerOpen (bug 1953)
– Makefile.in: fix mapogr rule so that it works with regular make (not gnumake)
– Fixed bug in loadExpressionString (bug 1948)
Fix possible gdal-related build problem by including gdal-config –dep-libs in GDAL_LIBS (bug 2004)

The full change log can also be browsed online at:

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:

Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations (also linked from the download page above).

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MapServer (https://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/) is an open source development environment for building Web mapping applications. This software delivers on-line, interactive GIS and image processing information quickly and reliably. MapServer was originally developed by the University of Minnesota, and is now maintained by a worldwide community of developers and users.