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Maps with voice and data recording system in Ohio

Digital Data Technologies, Inc. (DDTI) has provided Logan County with an intelligent road centerline base map and software that will ultimately save the county time, money, and perhaps lives. The map, which DDTI created with its unique voice and data recording system, is comprised of three-dimensional road centerlines and field-verified address locations. Additional information that could impact the routing of emergency vehicles was also collected, such as one-way restrictions, traffic control devices, railroad crossings, speed limits, school zones, as well as bridge and culvert locations. As part of the project, Logan County also received a site license to DDTI’s iView Office Edition software.

Digital Data Technologies, Inc. is in creating the most accurate, cost-effective, geographical information systems for county and local governments. Utilizing its unique GPS and voice recording data collection system, DDTI can quickly create an intelligent road centerline network, complete with field-verified addressing, enabling the correct mapping of spatial data. Ensuring client success, DDTI has developed user-friendly GIS software and Internet applications that immediately improve client productivity, enhance community services and aid public safety.