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Maps pinpoint most tranquil areas

The most tranquil areas in the north east of England are being pinpointed in a series of maps. They were created by a team from Newcastle and Northumbria universities based on people’s feelings of tranquillity, positive and negative. Northumberland National Park and the West Durham Coalfield were the study areas chosen by researchers. People’s responses were then used to show how the areas compared in providing the most tranquil qualities. The research was commissioned by a group of organisations with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the Countryside Agency.

It makes significant advances on earlier maps of tranquil areas and uses the views and feelings of countryside users and visitors – as opposed to professionals and experts. The maps display suitable graduations in tranquillity and are highly detailed, revealing small, local pockets of tranquillity. The maps show the National Park as offering a vast potential to experience tranquillity while the West Durham Coalfield is far less remote and much more densely populated, but contains significant valuable areas where people can enjoy tranquillity.