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Maps of Wakf India’s properties to be available online

Hyderabad, India: In a bid to curtail encroachments on Wakf (an Indian statutory body) properties, the Government of India (GoI) ordered collating data of these properties and to make it accessible online. At the outset, details of Wakf properties across the state of Karnataka will be made available online on a GIS map.

According to a report published in an Indian daily, the office of the secretary of minorities welfare has entrusted the task of GPS mapping of Wakf properties to the survey commissioner, Wakf, for protecting properties from mismanagement and to bring about transparency by bringing the Wakf properties database into public domain.

Speaking to TOI, Survey Commissioner, Wakf, Mirza Hasan Ali Baig said, “An initial investment between INR 5 crore and INR 10 crore is required. Equipment such as GPS devices, digital cameras and computers are needed in addition to training of staff. We are waiting for the government order to be issued. The project will make functioning of Wakf institutions more transparent. It will also reduce the threat of future encroachments. Details such as the income derived from the property apart from the extent of land will also be displayed.”

After the completion of the first Wakf survey which recorded 35,200 institutions and 1,33,207 acres of land, the second survey which was started in 2001 in accordance with the Wakf Act of 1995 shows 70,680 institutions – a near two-fold increase – and a rise in acreage to 1,67,452. The media report revealed that there were several glaring discrepancies between figures on land revenue records, Wakf records and the actual extent of properties.

Source: TOI