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Maps Of Mexican Cities from Maporama

Maporama has released the detailed street level maps of 2308 Mexican cities (“municipios”). This detailed street level maps of Mexico City, completes Maporama’s Mexican geographic coverage.

All the new data is totally integrated with Maporama Unified Database and thus accessible from all Maporama’s products, in particular the company’s suite of products Maporama Enterprise Solutions and its development tool Maporama Application Programming Interface Library (MAPIL).

This evolution of Maporama Unified Database – the world’s most complete cartographic database – was prepared in collaboration with Geoscape International and confirms Maporama’s global leadership in terms of geographic coverage;

“The NAFTA is extremely important to Maporama. In addition to our complete Canadian and US coverage, we now offer the best geographic coverage for Mexico. Able to accompany its customers in their international operations, Maporama thereby becomes the best choice for any company operating across North America.” says Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama’s CEO.