Maps for European location framework unveiled

Maps for European location framework unveiled


Belgium: Plans to bring together location data from different countries to provide one source of authoritative Maps for Europe have been unveiled to MEPs. The European Location Framework will deliver reliable geoinformation – including cross-border maps – and will have a wide range of uses including emergency response, environmental management and economic development.

National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities demonstrated their contribution to the project at an exhibition in the European Parliament sponsored by Catherine Stihler, MEP. The Maps for the Future event was organised by EuroGeographics, both a leading member of the project and the representative body of the Authorities.

“Cross-border interoperable maps are very important to Europe and we can already see the contribution Europe’s national mapping and cadastral authorities make to the sound delivery of European policies. Their impact is far reaching. By ensuring that public sector geoinformation is readily and easily available, these authorities are powerful contributors to the success of the EU PSI Directive and its continuing contribution to European prosperity. Likewise, these national authorities are key deliverers of the EU INSPIRE Directive and make a real practical contribution to the EU Copernicus programme. In other words, these are not only Maps for the Future, they are Maps for Europe!” said Catherine Stihler MEP.

Source: Eurographics