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Maps.com introduces unlimited location mapping service

Maps.com, a provider of mapping products and solutions, has launched NavPro, an unlimited mapping service that can generate optimized driving routes for up to 18 stops. NavPro is the business reconnaissance tool to help the business traveler be exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there. This new service not only enables significant time savings in both the planning and the traveling stages of any road trip, but also offers features suited for the typical business traveler, including real-time traffic alerts, automatic route optimization, and local destination and attractions mapping.

NavPro consists of four primary navigational functions: Mapping, Routing, Traffic and Geo Tools. Each component has zooming capabilities that enable the user to drill down to a street view or zoom out to a city or state-wide view. The final component to NavPro’s offering, GeoTools, applies the unlimited address mapping function to longitude and latitude coordinates, generating maps based on locations tracked by GPS devices. GeoTools is an ideal mapping service for engineers and urban planners who need to translate coordinates, rather than exact addresses.