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MapQuest launches new service for mobile devices

Bidding to capitalize on the mobile services trend by extending its brand beyond the bounds of the Internet, MapQuest has launched a service that enables users to send the company’s maps to cell phones.

The Send to Phone service will be offered as part of the monthly subscription plan to MapQuest Mobile, which costs US$3.99. With Send to Phone, users can get color maps and written driving directions from MapQuest’s Web site to their cell phones.

Tommy McGloin, senior vice president and general manager of MapQuest, said the company sees heavy business travelers, such as sales professionals, as likely early adopters of the technology.

McGloin said the service would help MapQuest “continue to open new market opportunities and expand the reach of our brand and our superior maps and directions.”

MapQuest receives in excess of 30 million unique visitors each month, making it one of the most heavily visited sites on the Web. In fact, Nielsen//NetRatings said the site ranked as the top travel-related site last month, drawing 31 million visitors.