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MAPPS seeks legislation in Congress

US: MAPPS announced that a bill to authorise the programme known within the geospatial community as ‘Imagery for the Nation’ is being presented for introduction in the US Congress. More than 100 members of MAPPS will be at the US Capitol tomorrow, meeting with members of Congress to discuss geospatial issues. MAPPS members will be seeking introduction of the MAP Act. MAPPS is an association of photogrammetry, mapping and geospatial firms.

“Map it once, use it many time is not only a mantra in the geospatial community, but it is technologically feasible through the use of satellite and aerial imagery and GIS. To save tax dollars, create private sector jobs and provide baseline geographic data for economic development and a variety of other applications beneficial to government programmes and private business and investment, MAPPS is urging Congress to authorise and fund a programme of geospatial image maps of the United States through a bill known as the Making America Prosperous Act, or MAP Act,” said Jeff Lovin, MAPPS President.

Dozens of federal agencies, virtually every state and hundreds of regional, local and tribal units of government, acquire imagery each year. These acquisitions support a variety of applications, including E-911, police, fire and public safety, emergency response and homeland security. Additionally, orthophoto image maps are used for efficient and equitable local property taxes; transportation operations, management and planning; utilities management; planning and zoning; agriculture and resource management; insurance; education planning and social services.

“Today, these agencies each acquire their own imagery. These ad hoc programmes result in costly duplication. A consolidated program provides an economical approach to inter-governmental use of ortho imagery and help provide data for hundreds of applications in the US economy,” Lovin said.

Source: MAPPS