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MAPPS membership laws changed

Virginia, US: By-laws amendments, regular membership in the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) is open for  foreign owned firms with offices in the United States and independent consultants who serve the geospatial market.  The amendments redefine the requirements for membership in MAPPS, encompassing firms that have offices in the United States but are foreign owned and sole proprietor independent consultants without payroll or other employees who provide services in or to the geospatial community.

The by-law changes are effective immediately. MAPPS now has four types of members — regular member, associate member, independent consultant and emeritus member.

Jeff Lovin, MAPPS President, said, “These amendments reflect the ever changing landscape of the geospatial community. MAPPS was created to represent the private geospatial community and with the market becoming more global and including more mobile application and single person entities. The profession has changed and so has MAPPS.  Just as MAPPS evolved from its origin as a photogrammetry-related association to one that now includes a broad cross section of geospatial disciplines, these by-laws changes reflect the latest transformation in the market and enable foreign-based firms operating in the US and independent consultants, including applications developers, who have common business, professional and policy goals as current members, to come inside the MAPPS umbrella.”

“These changes update the bylaws that were last revised in 2007 and reflect the rapid changes in the geospatial business and the traditional form of ownership,” said, John Palatiello, MAPPS Executive Director.

Source: MAPPS