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MAPPS leadership meets President’s senior staff at White House

August 8, 2002 – A delegation from MAPPS, a national association of private geospatial firms, met with senior staff to President George W. Bush on August 8 at the White House. MAPPS President Mike Ritchie (Photo Science, Inc., Lexington KY), MAPPS Board of Directors member Kurt Allen (Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc., Greenbelt, MD) and MAPPS Executive Director John Palatiello, met with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mitch Daniels, Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) Administrator Angela Styles, and OFPP Associate Administrator Jack Kalavritinos to discuss a number of issues affecting the Federal Government’s mapping and geographic information activities.

The MAPPS delegation presented OMB Director Daniels with an Ikonos poster of Washington, DC, produced by Space Imaging, a MAPPS member firm. Discussions focused on topics such as CIA Director George Tenet’s recent memo to NIMA advocating use of commercial satellite imagery and the need for a similar government-wide policy from OMB; Circular A-110 and the issue of public domain and private, licensed, copyrighted data; Federal agency duplication of geospatial activities; government competition with the private sector; and geospatial applications for infrastructure, resource management and Homeland Defence applications.

Additionally, the MAPPS representatives and White House officials conferred on the need to better manage the government’s geospatial requirements through interagency coordination, standards and interoperability of data.