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MAPPS forms State Chapter in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, USA, 17 May 2007: The formation of first state chapter of MAPPS (www.mapps.org), the association of private geospatial firms, was announced in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

PA-MAPPS, an association of the Keystone State’s private geospatial firms, was launched on May 17th at the 2007 Pennsylvania Geographic Information Systems Conference in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

The chapter will include existing MAPPS members based in or with offices in Pennsylvania, and new Pennsylvania firms that are joining MAPPS. The chapter combines the goals of a group of Pennsylvania firms, to give the state’s private geospatial community a voice in state legislation and public policy, and MAPPS, which desires to have a strong, unified voice for the private geospatial community at the Federal, state and local level.

Announcing the formation of the chapter, MAPPS Executive Director John Palatiello said, “This is a win-win situation. Firms in Pennsylvania will have a state-based organization for networking, education, information sharing, market advocacy and public policy, while MAPPS expands its membership, broadens its programs to reach firms, organizations and government agencies at the state level, and establishes what could be the first of several state chapters.”