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Mapping Website on CRgov.com

USA: Town of Castle Rock GIS has made its latest mapping technology available to the public. Chief technology officer Kevin Capp and GIS Administrator Bobbie Peters unveiled the new Web site at the recent town council meeting.

“Our GIS Division is pleased to launch a Web page that citizens can use to access information about the town, 24/7,” Peters said. “We hope that residents find the site to be a useful tool where they can get answers to their questions and maybe learn a little about what GIS has to offer.”

She told Council that residents could log on to CRgov.com any time of the day or night to access such information as:

• The zoning (permissible uses) of a property
• The distance from their house to a fire hydrant for insurance purposes
• Snow plowing route priorities
• Search tools for specific addresses or nearby parks

Residents also can zoom in on an area and print the map for themselves, or e-mail the PDF of their custom-made map to a friend.

One helpful feature is that when a user zooms in on an area and clicks the “identify” button, there are embedded links that will take the user to more in-depth information. For instance, a user could find out the description for a particular zoning type or get the contact information for their councilmember.