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Mapping user location with Earth’s magnetic field

UK: Samsung is working on an app that uses the Earth’s magnetic field to detect a person’s smartphone or tablet’s exact location, in order to automatically launch specific apps, ZDNet UK reported. The app uses magnetism to glean an accurate outline of its location, which is too precise to use GPS. Instead, the app maps the geomagnetic fields distorted by indoor magnetic objects.

By charting the pattern of the Earth’s magnetic field as it warps around household gadgets, such as TVs or fridges, the app can tell the difference between a person’s desk at home and a desk at work. Once the app has identified the different zones of a house, for example, the user can programme it to launch specific apps when it is placed in that location. Users could programme their Samsung Galaxy S II to start streaming video automatically on their TV when it is placed on the TV stand. Similarly, they could set up their back-up to run when the phone is placed on a bedside table for the night.

Source: ZDNet UK