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Mapping Science joins DigitalGlobe Software Partner Program

Mapping Science, Inc. (MSI) announced that the company has joined DigitalGlobe’s Software Partner Program. Under the agreement DigitalGlobe has provided sensor model data (the camera model) and related information to MSI for use in software development to ensure that the specific needs of DigitalGlobe’s customer base are met.

GeoJP2™ is the world’s first implementation of the emerging JPEG2000 standard specifically designed for the mapping and GIS community. The ISO/IEC Standard 15444 describes a new method for the compression and retrieval of still image and video data. Developed by a subcommittee of the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG,) JPEG2000 was formally approved and published in December 2000. The specification includes wavelet algorithms similar to those used in proprietary compression products, but with greatly enhanced performance and flexibility. In addition, JPEG2000 describes methods for metadata storage, file structure, region of interest encoding, conformance testing, security, etc. The ISO JPEG2000 standard is rapidly gaining acceptance by the GIS and remote sensing community through the introduction of the GeoJP2™ approach developed by Mapping Science, Inc.

“DigitalGlobe’s partnership with Mapping Science ensures customers will be able to take advantage of this exciting technology,” said Matthew Wood, Director of Commercial Marketing. “As the first implementation of the JPEG2000 standard, we believe that Mapping Science’s GeoJP2 product will help bridge the gap to general use of commercial satellite imagery.