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Mapping programme to help farmers deal with pests

Australia: A mapping programme has been introduced for the farmers in Australia to manage pests and beneficial insects on their property. It will use information in the Pestweb database overlaid on satellite maps, which will allow farmers to see what pest build-up is like in neighbouring properties or throughout their region.

The tool was developed by Soilcare, Landcare and I and I’s centre for Horticulture in Alstonville. It was funded under the Federal Government’s Caring for our Country Program.

Bonnie Walker, from Soilcare, said that it would be eventually widely available. Further, she added, “It can be used not only for insect pests, but also for disease. For example, if you had an exotic pest outbreak, it is already in place and so easy to use that farmers can easily upload data to this. Farmers usually like tools that make their job easier.”

Source: abc.net.au