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‘Mapping policy will boost business in Nigeria’

Nigeria: There should be a government policy in Nigeria to map the entire country, said Yakubu Maikano, President, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), in an interview with Daily Independent. Maikano added that mapping is an expensive venture but it has to be done. Many foreign entrepreneurs have lost interest in doing business in Nigeria because we do not have maps. A mapping policy will guide the effort to cover the country with maps. Nigeria can start with one state and gradually cover the whole country.

“The problems in the surveying profession are similar to those found in other professions in Nigeria. Firstly is the lack of adequate funding by federal, state and local governments. However, we are grateful to the present Federal Government for its land reform agenda. Surveyors in Nigeria today are capable of facilitating the process of providing Certificate of Occupancy (C-of-0) to any parcel of land within two months of application, if properly funded,” Maikano continued.

According to Maikano, there is no surveying culture in Nigeria. Huge developments in the country are embarked upon by government and individuals without carrying out surveys that will make a success of those developments.

Source: Daily Independent