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‘Mapping organisations to adopt new technologies’

Redlands, US: New technology is changing the face of mapping organisations around the world. Are national mapping agencies and traditional mapmakers able to keep up? The question was posed at the Spatial Roundtable by Mark Cygan, Esri’s map, chart, data production, and spatial data infrastructure (SDI) industry manager. Cygan and other industry leaders discussed which strategies and resources are becoming more important to mapping organisations.

“Society is changing, and so are its expectations of what maps are and how they should be used,” said Cygan. “The industry has experienced a 50 percent drop in the production of paper maps, charts and atlases in the last decade. Instances of maps generated online, however, have increased.”

Cygan observed that mapping organisations can ride the new wave of change by providing maps and charts in the form of electronic media and derivative map and data products for the web and mobile devices. However, Cygan opined, “If they don’t adapt, they run the risk of being washed away.”

Source: Esri