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Mapping Madiba’s long walk to freedom

South Africa, November 7, 2014: As South Africa celebrates its 20 years of democracy, a new online map offers travellers to explore key tourist spots related to Nelson Madela’s life. Developed by South African Tourism and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, the Madiba-inspired tourist attractions map includes the four main provinces the anti-apartheid activist passed through in his 95 years.

These include: the Eastern Cape, where Mandela was born and grew up; Gauteng, where he worked as a human rights lawyer and became instrumental in South Africa's political struggle; KwaZulu-Natal, where he was captured and the Western Cape, where Mandela was imprisoned and ultimately freed.

The map features the Unesco World Heritage site Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned, as well as his house on Vilakazi St in Soweto, the only street in the world to have had two Nobel Peace Prize winners as residents, the other being Desmond Tutu. In addition, the Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Centre in Mandela's childhood home, Qunu, where he was buried last December, is also on the map.

Source: NZ Herald