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Mapping India’s migrant population

Hyderabad, India: Aide et Action South Asia, an international NGO, launched mapping of India’s migrant population in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Government. Migration is one of the major global issues of concern. In India alone, more than 30 million people migrate every year in search of livelihood. Around 12.6 million short term migrants are staying away from their usual residence for about six months to a year, said Aide et Action South Asia. According to the 55th Round of the National Sample Survey (1999–2000), there are 20 million people who annually migrate temporarily and as per National Sample Survey data (1999-2000), around 62% is rural migration.

SS Jaideep, Regional Manager AEA Hyderabad region, said, “We have identified 250 NGOs and 6000 volunteers to carry forward this work in collaboration with the Labor Department and Rajiv Vidya Mission and expect data of over three million population”. Aide et Action will prepare MIS of data generated to flag off various policy changes required to address needs of children of migrant communities, which include:
– Seasonal hostels at source areas of migration and bridge schools at worksite of migrant population.
– Access of various social schemes to interstate and intrastate migrant population.
– To develop and establish tracking system for inter and intra state for developing holistic plans for children.
– Design newer models of education for children of seasonal migrants in the light of implementation of Right to Education Act.
– Resource and risk analysis (Analysis of Push and pull factors) at source and destination areas.
– Implementation of interstate workman act in letter and spirit.

Source: Business Wire India