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Mapping done in Paraguay will be the basis for many environmental projects

Started on april 21 a working together session called “Mapping multiple benefits of REDD + in Paraguay”, with the presence of Judith Walcott and Julia Thorney members of World Conservation PNUMA – WCMC Surveillance Center, and Diego Martino of PNUMA. The workshop was held at the offices of the SEAM General Directorate of Environmental Management with the participation of employees of the GIS Laboratory(Geographic Information System) of SEAM-INFONA, and representatives of the Forestry Engineering course of University of Asunción (UNA).

Judith Walcott highlighted that mapping will bring many positive results that will contribute to the positive initiatives of Paraguay. “We are working together to see the data available on Paraguay and based on a process of national priority,” she said.

She also added: “It is very important to use spatial data to see where you can get benefits based on environmental services, and where there are potential risks. With mapping and spaced analysis it is possible to do some planning at the national level that would be important to think about the possible benefits”.

The Secretariat of Environment (SEAM), the Forestry National Institute (INFONA) and the Federation for the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples (FAPI), develop the “National Joint Programme for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation y Forest Degradation” (U.N. REDD +)

Paraguay, besides of other countries, received special funds allocated under the Convention on Climate Change. With these features, actions at the national level on forest protection, ecosystem services, water services, control of soil erosion, biodiversity conservation, improving the management and a sustainable use of forests are implemented, thus avoiding the emission of gases as a deforestation consequence.

Source: Secretariat of Environment (SEAM), Paraguay.