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Mapping Bahrain’s sea

A marine Geological Information System mapping project is currently being developed by the Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research (BCSR).

The aim of the project is to provide scientists and policy makers with the means to interpret the local marine environment and see what different areas are used for, said centre environmental and industrial studies head Dr Adel Al Zayani.

“The project, which is nearing completion, will identify the areas of concentration of marine life and divide areas based on the types of sea plants and coral reefs,” he said.

Dr Al Zayani said the project would also help identify the areas where there are endangered marine species and the levels of heat and salt at sea among other variables.

“The centre will also focus on identifying the population of dugong and sea turtles in the waters around Bahrain,” he said.

Dr Al Zayani said the information would be fundamental to further promote a proposed project for the setting up of a directorate responsible for protecting marine life.

He said the centre is also about to complete a survey on the number of environmental reports begin carried out in Bahrain as well as issue two publications entitled The Environment in Bahrain: The Reality and Challenges and The Principles and Concepts of Choosing Marine Habitats.