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‘Mapping aiding public sector in curbing carbon emissions’

London, UK: Public sector organisations in the UK curbed their carbon emissions by using detailed mapping to plan better energy efficient routes for rubbish trucks and local transport, observed a report published in Business Green.

 In 2011, public sector organisations in the UK and Wales signed a Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) with the Ordnance Survey. The 10-year agreement allows public sector organisations in the UK and Wales to use centrally funded, geographic datasets to plan services and enable closer collaboration, regardless of their size.

According to the report, Harrow Borough council in London is expected to save GBP 3.2 million over 10 years by using a new system that continuously analyses collection circuits, balancing work schedules, and loads to produce more fuel efficient routes.

Carol Cutler, director of customer services and business transformation at Harrow, said the programme is now being rolled out across the wider relevant public sector bodies as a best practice example in efficiency savings and geographic data use.

A similar system used to optimise recycling and re-route collection routes for urban and rural locations in East Northamptonshire is predicted to save GBP 1.5 million over seven years by reducing the number of collection vehicles from 10 to 6.

The council reduced CO2 emissions by 114 tonnes, increased its recycling rates over 50 per cent, and saved 4,100 tonnes of waste sent to landfill over a five month period, reducing landfill tax payments by 200,000.

“The ability to use spatial analysis in the mobilisation of the new service was invaluable,” said Charlotte Tompkins, waste manager at East Northamptonshire council.

Source: Business Green