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Maporama updates over 2 million of points of interest in the US

Maporama, the provider of online location-centric solutions, announced the availability of new data for localizing points of interest across all United States. Accessible via MAPIL, Maporama’s product for developing location-centric applications, this update of over 2 million addresses was prepared in collaboration with Geosign Corporation. Integrated with Maporama Enterprise Solutions, proximity searches using this new database:
1) Dramatically reduce personnel mobility-related costs by providing direct access to pertinent proximity information to mobile sales force staff with Maporama Sales Solutions, to vehicle fleets with Maporama Logistics Solutions, to maintenance personnel with Maporama Property et Facility Management Solutions.
2) Accompany the visitors of an Internet website or a caller to a call center to the closest point of sales with Maporama Intelligent Dealer Locator.
3) Define suitable localities for implanting new points of sales or choose the best places for their billboard campaign with Maporama Marketing Solutions …
Over 40 categories are available for proximity searches in the United States, such as car rentals, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, TAXIs… as well as many other categories used by specific professions – post offices, banks, physicians, hospitals, beauty salons, shopping malls, bars, pubs, clubs, movie theatres, museums, galleries… The new data is accessible from MAPIL’s “POI Lookup” API. This interface finds all points of interest corresponding to user-defined criteria and located within a customizable distance from a given address. Interfaced with the customer’s strategic applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Supply Chain Management, this database enhances them with information that can be shared with all the concerned departments of an organization: Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Marketing,… This new data is available immediately and automatically to all Maporama’s customers using the MAPIL product.