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Maporama unveils Maporama partner hub 2003 premium edition

Maporama, the provider of online location-centric applications, announced the availability of Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition, the first edition of Maporama Partner Hub 2003, the global suite of professional products designed for deploying location-centric applications. Maporama Partner Hub 2003 brings answers to 3 central questions: “Where is this address? How to get there? What is nearby?”. Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition is the single user version of the Maporama Partner Hub 2003 product suite.

Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition’s extremely easy-to-use features were specifically designed for implementing store locator tools, vehicle tracking and fleet management applications, mobile personnel management tools, location-based direct marketing etc. Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition offers a fast return on investment (several months) together with an extremely low TCO (Total Cost of Investment). Accessible via a regular Internet browser, Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition is: Fast to deploy, Easy-to-use, Available as an ASP (Application Service Provider) application via a fully secure HTTPS server, Free of any initial investment requirements in terms of hardware, software, cartographic data, and/or specialized personnel. Maporama Partner Hub 2003 Premium Edition is composed of the following modules:

Maporama Explorer:
With its integrated advanced mapping and proximity search features, Maporama Explorer is the End-User tool responding autonomously to three central questions: Where is this address? How to get there? What is located around it?. Maporama Explorer also offers a powerful geocoding tool (the process of attributing geographic coordinates to a textual address), providing users with both an indicator of address geocoding level (address geocoded down to the street number, street, city) as well as a diagnostics indicator with eventual reasons of an incomplete geocoding (for example, incoherence between the provided ZIP/Postal Code and the city entered, detailed street level coverage unavailable for the concerned geographic zone etc.)

Maporama Monitor:
Having a perfect visibility as to the usage of your Maporama applications is essential to make sure they are being used in a smart and productive exploitation. With Maporama Maporama Partner Monitor, customers analyze, via control panel applications and key indicators, the usage of their location-centric applications from three perspectives: actions carried out on their database, query credit consumption, as an independent measurement of Maporama’s servers’ service quality. The available optional modules of Maporama PartnerHub 2003 Premium Edition are:

Maporama Partner Gateway, a totally non-intrusive interface to connect to the customer’s IS or any other strategic datasource such as CRM, SCM, ERP…
Maporama Locator Products Suite, a complete set of mapping, routing, and proximity information applications, available in 26 languages to, for example, guide customers from e-business Internet sites directly to points of sales.