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Maporama teams with Inovia to develop Location-Based Optimization Solutions

14 October, 2002 — Maporama, a provider of online location-centric solutions has announced an alliance with Inovia, the leading provider of resource optimization software solutions, to develop a new generation of location-based optimization products for large corporates in the retail and service industries.

Maporama’s collaboration with Inovia has been established within the framework of Maporama Location-Based Optimization Initiative. New products resulting from this new partnership will be used by corporates to cut operational costs through better management of their resources ­ incorporating deliveries, sales teams¹ field operations, sales and business segmentation and maintenance teams’ journeys.

The combination of Maporama and Inovia’s know-how aims to create new products allowing for ideal optimization of itineraries and definition of target sectors based upon a list of addresses that can at the same time take into account user-specific constraints. For example in a logistics operation, factors such as truck capacity, client delivery hours, round duration management can all be catered for. In a field sales environment, factors such as relating sales sectors according to potential turnover and travel distances for each salesperson can be utilized.

All location-based optimization functionalities developed by Maporama and Inovia access an extensive online cartographic database, representing detailed street maps of cities with a total population of over one billion people across the world. All of the new tools are enhanced by Maporama’s market-leading map display technology.