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Maporama provides its customers with Asia-Pacific Coverage

Maporama, leading provider of online location-centric solutions, unveiled today it’s new cartographic coverage for the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The cartographic data was provided by Maporama Worldwide Coverage Initiative member companies, MapAsia (Hong Kong), Map Data Sciences (Nouvelle Zealand) and Map Information SB (Singapore).

This new coverage is immediately available to all Maporama’s customers as well as to Internet users on Maporama’s showcase website (https://www.maporama.com/). By exploiting Maporama’s products, global companies obtain access to a yet more complete and detailed set of street maps. In addition to 100% of the Australian continent, Maporama now offers detailed maps of all cities in these countries, reinforcing thereby its leadership on the market of location-centric applications.