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Maporama multisourcing technology delivers detailed street level coverage of Brazilian cities

Maporama, the provider of location-centric applications, announced the availability of multi-sourced street-level coverage of Brazilian cities. Thanks to this exclusive technology, Maporama exploits in real time multiple sources of geographic data for one region simultaneously, providing its customers with an unmatched detail of geographic coverage: over 20 large Brazilian cities were newly made available to Maporama’s customers. For Brazil, Maporama partners with Geographic Data Technologies and Geoscape International, the two leading providers of cartographic data for the Americas. This new evolution of Maporama’s geographic coverage confirms the company’ s leadership on the market of location-centric applications. Detailed and extensive street level cartographic coverage is essential for companies implementing advanced applications such as vehicle fleet tracking across international and remote territories, mobile sales force-related costs reduction with optimised itineraries, and/or dealer locator facilities to efficiently shorten sales cycles by guiding consumers to the closest outlet anywhere in the world…

Maporama is the provider of location-centric solutions in terms of geographic coverage offered: Maporama’s customers access street-level maps of cities with a total population of over two billion consumers in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Maporama’s products are entirely device-independent, delivering pertinent information anywhere and anytime – on PDAs, desktops, TabletPC, I-Mode, Wap, Internet/Intranet/Extranet… Having sophisticated multilingual capacities (interface available in 26 languages, multiple map style reflecting local specificities, multi-lingual map labels…), Maporama offers the market’s most global and versatile product offering for large international companies in the field of Logistics, Retail, and Distribution.