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Maporama launches Maporama Marketing Solutions

Maporama, a leading provider of location-centric applications, launches Maporama Marketing Solutions, the first module in a series of mission-critical applications comprised in Maporama Enterprise Solutions. This new development allows marketing executives to take advantage of existing address data in order to strengthen and optimise marketing actions.

Designed for key marketing executives in the retail, telco, and Internet portal industries, Maporama¹s Marketing Solutions allow the leveraging of operations by providing end consumers with a seamless experience through all channels a corporation uses to communicate and market its products and services.

This wide compatibility features enables all possible implementations of Maporama Marketing Solutions, including Internet, Intranet, and Extranet . Thanks to this feature, companies share and utilise Maporama¹s location-intelligent applications to publish, share, and analyse data as needed either internally for use by in-house employees, or externally to be used by end-consumers and/or suppliers.

Technology built upon industry standard for perfect compatibility and high performance Maporama Marketing Solutions are provided as ASP (Application Service Provider) products and rely upon the same technologies as all Maporama’s products ­ Active Server Pages, XML/XSL and Maporama’s GIS technology interfaced through MAPIL (Maporama Application Programming Interface Library), a development tool allowing for custom application development using virtually all Maporama’s location-centric functionalities.

The tools designed to create and maintain Maporama Partner Base ­ the central element of all location-centric applications – include: – Maporama Partner Hub ­ an online account management tool allowing for online data uploading and updating, – Maporama Partner Gateway ­ a product designed to automatically connect an enterprise¹s Information System to Maporama Partner Base, – Maporama Partner Profiler ­ an easy-to-use online interface designed for local managers in each outlet to enter and maintain local-specific data in Maporama Partner Base.

The addresses and local-specific data stored in Maporama Partner Base are then exploited by Maporama¹s location-intelligent applications to serve a variety of mission-critical marketing tasks. In addition, Maporama Marketing Solutions are compatible with all communications platforms (Web, Wireless, PDA, set-to-boxes) as well as with any existing cellular or landline telephonedevice through speech technology.