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Maporama Launches Maporama Customer Service Solutions

Maporama, a provider of online location-centric solutions, announces today the launch of Maporama Customer Service Solutions, the third module of its product suite Maporama Enterprise Solutions. This new module is specifically designed for Customer Service managers in the retail industry.

Maporama Customer Solutions provides a means for the customer department of an organisation to utilize location-centric information to improve customer satisfaction. Location-centric information is crucial in the following processes:

  • How to assist customers to find the information they need about a company’s key locations
  • How to improve delivery and after sales service
  • How to improve the efficiency of a company¹s call centre and decrease its cost

By exploiting the full potential of Maporama’s location-intelligent engines, Maporama Customer Service Solutions offer extremely powerful and flexible tools that are easy to integrate into an organisation’s infrastructure. These tools can be integrated indifferently within any existing communication system, including Web, Wireless, Intranet and Extranet.

Helping customers find companies’ after sales locations
Incorporating a location-finder facility into an organisation¹s Internet sites provide customers with details about company key locations and the delivery process. This significantly simplifies the communication between the customer service team and the customers, thereby allotting more time and resources for non-location and non-delivery related customer queries.

Aiding companies to provide real-time delivery status information
In order to dramatically improve the quality of after-sales services, Maporama Customer Service Solutions enable a customer support team to follow delivery processes in real time. They are thus able to provide quick and precise phone answers to customer delivery queries.

Saving call-centre resources through speech automation
Maporama Customer Service Solutions also utilize the most commonly used communication interface: speech. Maporama Vocal Solutions enable end-customers to access location information through voice-driven applications. Over 30% of customer inquiries fielded by call-centre staff involve location (Where is the nearest store/after-sales outlet? How do I get there?) With Maporama Vocal Solutions, a call-centre obtains an efficient means to save precious time in speech-automating all location-based queries from customers.

Technology built upon industry standard for perfect compatibility and high performance
Maporama Customer Service Solutions are provided as ASP (Application Service Provider) products and rely upon the same technologies as all Maporama¹s products ­ Active Server Pages, XML/XSL and Maporama¹s GIS technology interfaced through MAPIL (Maporama Application Programming Interface Library), a development tool allowing for custom application development using Maporama¹s location-centric functionalities. Maporama Customer Service Solutions are compatible with all communication platforms (Web, Wireless, PDA, set-top boxes) as well as with any mobile or landline telephone device via voice technology.