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Maporama increases the detail of its UK coverage

Maporama, the Enterprise Location-Centric Services (ELS) Application Service Provider, announced the availability of new detailed street-level cartographic data for the United Kingdom.With the Maporama’s geographic coverage, the company’s customers benefit from the most up-to-date data combined with the market’s most powerful location-centric products. This data is totally integrated with Maporama Unified Database and thus accessible from all Maporama’s products, in particular from Maporama Partner Hub 2003, the company’s development tool Maporama Web Services 2.0, and its suite of professional products Maporama Enterprise Solutions.These most recent modifications, extensions, and updates cover the highest level of detail, with, in particular, newly built streets and roads, one-way streets, street names and numbers, points of interest (hotels, restaurants, museums, administrations, hospitals, monuments, railway stations…), and road signs.Geographic coverage is a primordial element for the customers.

Maporama’s technical architecture allows for fast integration and aggregation of cartographic data while guaranteeing the best performance of its products and having virtually no limitation as to the volume of data contained in Maporama Unified Database. Thereby, Maporama localizes over 635 000 cities in all countries in the world and offers detailed street level maps of several dozens of thousands of cities in over 50 countries across all continents.