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Maporama extends its reverse geocoding tool to North America

Maporama, the provider of location-centric applications, announced the availability of its “Reverse Geocoding” tool for North America. In addition to Europe, this functionality is now available for the United States and Canada. Accessible via MAPIL (Maporama Application Programming Interface Library, Maporama’s product allowing for easy development of location-centric applications) APIs, the “Locator” interface “reverse geocodes”, or transforms, geographic coordinates such as longitude / latitude into a textual address (country, city, street, street number) understandable by human beings. “Locator” accepts indifferently coordinates recovered from onboard GPS devices, coordinates produced by the different mobile phone localization techniques such as triangulation etc.

Maporama Locator API is indispensable for all applications exploiting geographic coordinates produced by these technologies, in particular for:

· Fleet management applications provided by Maporama’s customers such as Sateltrack in Central and Eastern Europe and Geonix in the United Kingdom,
· Asset tracking and protection products offered by Maporama’s customers such as ATS Asset Tracking Services in the United States,
· “Friend Finder” aplications (automatic tool for localizing friends situated nearby) offered by the majority of carriers

Due to this “reverse geocoding” functionality, numeric coordinates recovered from vehicles or cellulars are transformed into data exploitable by human operators in logistics departments. Offering an open interface to the information system of the customer, Maporama Locator API produces information that can be shared enterprise-wide: Customer Service, Sales… through mission-critical applications such as CRM, Supply Chain Management, Sales Force Automation.