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Maporama Drive Me Version 4 revolutionizes the concept of travel road books

Maporama, has announced the availability of Maporama Drive Me version 4, a sophisticated itinerary generation product introducing an excellent user experience and multiple exclusive functionalities.

Cascading travel road books offering different levels of information details on user demand. Maporama’s technology of cascading detailed information within travel road books generated by Maporama Drive Me version 4 displays by default only essential elements typically used by drivers such as road numbers and directions to follow. Detailed information for each step of the itinerary, such as names of nearby cities along the route, are masked and remain available at any time in a single click, uncovering the cascading detailed information concerning the selected section of the itinerary

Travel road books based upon road sign images

On the new travel road book generated by Maporama Drive Me version 4, steps are highlighted by corresponding road signs with the names of cities and numbers of highways or freeways. These elements correspond to the information drivers typically use for orientation. The icons used to generate this visual guidance is entirely customizable and can thus easily be adapted to various international standards or client needs.

The market’s fastest-generated itineraries
In addition to the high level of user experience, Maporama Drive Me version 4 has also been optimized to offer unmatched performance, providing nearly instantaneous display of itineraries requested by the user. All masked information is included in the travel road book during its generation, allowing for immediate display upon user demand.

New functionality for yet more comfort and advanced customization
Maporama Drive Me version 4 includes also a new interface for setting up user preferences of the roads to use (with or without toll fees) and the driving style (Fast, Moderate, Slow), in order to estimate the time necessary to arrive to the destination. In addition, Maporama Drive Me version 4 offers printing capacities, sending the travel road book by email, exporting it to a PDA, possibility to choose between miles and kilometers…

Perfect compatibility and interoperability with all Maporama products
Maporama Drive Me version 4 remains totally compatible with previous versions of the product. Administrable via Maporama Partner Hub, Maporama Drive Me version 4 if interfaced with all information contained in the client’s Maporama Partner Base.

Maporama Drive Me version 4 can be exploited, in a totally seamless manner, with Maporama Search Along and Maporama Search Along Deluxe products (proximity searches all along an itinerary). Each step of the itinerary is thus enriched with information regarding nearby locations and/or point of interest databases provided by Maporama depending on the client’s need (points of sales, monuments, administrations etc.).

Maporama Drive Me version 4 is fully operational for France and immediately available to all Maporama’s customers as well as on the company’s showcase website (www.maporama.com). In the next few weeks, Maporama Drive Me version 4 will also be deployed to other countries covered by Maporama.

Maporama has further announced the availability of detailed street level maps of cities of Peru and Uruguay.

Prepared in collaboration with Geoscape International, this new extension of Maporama’s cartographic databases completes the company’s geographic coverage of Latin America.