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Maporama announces the availability of Maporama Partner Manager 2003

Maporama, the Enterprise Location-Centric Services (ELS) ASP (Application Service Provider), announced the availability of Maporama Partner Manager 2003. With Partner Manager 2003, large companies deploy their location-centric applications in extremely short timeframes, share information enterprise-wide, and adapt their users’ rights according to their needs and operational responsibilities. Maporama Partner Manager was specifically designed for managers in charge of the deployment of location-centric services within large companies. The administrator of a Maporama application accesses, via his or her Internet browser, the Maporama Partner Manager module in order to attribute user rights for exploiting the Maporama Explorer module, the key tool of a location-centric application. The administrator personalizes user rights for each group of users with regards to the needs and operational responsibilities of each employee. End users of the Maporama Explorer module thus only access functionalities and data that are necessary within the framework of their position without being overwhelmed with functionalities or information they do not need.

Affordable and requiring no hardware or software installation, the Maporama Partner Manager module represents the most efficient means of managing, in a few clicks, the day-to-day needs employees of an enterprise have in terms of location-centric information and of controlling their access level. With this new module, Maporama’s customers considerably reduce their operational costs and accelerate the return on investment of their strategic CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and GIS applications by adding not only a geographic dimension to information contained by these applications, but also by sharing it enterprise-wide.