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Maporama announces the availability of Mapil Version 3.1

August 2,2002-Maporama, a provider of location-centric applications, has announced the availability of its API toolkit MAPIL v.3.1. This new edition of MAPIL includes an enhanced version of the POI Lookup API designed for finding points of interest near an address. As a part of Maporama Application Programming Library (MAPIL), the new version of POI Lookup bring many new features, in particular the capacity to simultaneously handle multiple databases.

By default; the new version of POI Lookup now accesses two databases of points of interest: one provided by Geosign and recently integrated into Maporama’s location-centric engines, and one containing POI data provided by cartographic data providers.

Maporama POI Lookup also offers the possibility to customers to create a tailor-made application by combining – according to their criteria – the data coming from the two databases.

Through this API, Maporama provides its customers with over 3 million points of interests in Europe and North America. The categories available include, for example, restaurants, hotels, monuments, public transportation, hospitals, administrations, and post offices.