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Maporama announces the availability of 31 map styles

Maporama, the provider of Enterprise Location-Centric Services (ELS) ASP announced the availability of 31 pre-defined map styles that are adapted to national specificities, to different Internet platforms (PC, Tablet PC, PDA, I-mode and WAP phones…) and to different destination applications (store locator tools, real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management…). The major immediate advantages for the end user are:Respect of users’ habits according to the country of origin:All the map styles are perfectly adapted to local cartographic conventions in terms of color codes (streets, parks, residential areas, water surfaces etc.), width and shape of roads, street numbers, volume of displayed points of interest etc. Maporama’s customers use the different available map styles within their Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites with their store locator tools. Adaptability to map usage: Most of the new map styles are also available in “light” versions with less information displayed on the map, and/or in “soft” versions with softened color palettes. The “soft” and “light” versions are particularly useful for users exploiting their location-centric application with large numbers of custom logos displayed on maps.
Multi-device compatibility: Styles dedicated to the different hardware platforms fully respect the constraints given by the size and definition of each device’s screen in order to guarantee impeccable readability of displayed maps.Maporama now offers the following map styles:
Standard Maporama, and two lightweight Maporama styles
7American styles(including “light” and “soft” versions)
5 French styles (including “light” and “soft” versions)
5 English styles(including “light” and “soft” versions)
2 Czech styles
1 German style
1 Spanish style
1 Dutch style
1 Italian style
1 Nordic style (Scandinavian)
1 Asian style
1 Australian style
1 PDA style
1 WAP style
Availability:The 31 new map styles are immediately available via all Maporama’s products, in particular Maporama Partner Hub 2003 and Maporama Enterprise Solutions.