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Maporama announces Maporama Partner Gateway 2003

Maporama, launches Maporama Partner Gateway 2003, an product designed to interface, in a totally seamless, transparent, and non-intrusive fashion, internal datasources of a company with its location-centric applications to provide end-users and/or employees with ever up-to-date pertinent information. Fully integrated with all Maporama’s products, in particular with Maporama Partner Hub 2003, the real-time and non-intrusive bridge laid by Maporama Partner Gateway 2003 provides companies with an efficient means to update automatically their address databases used for their location-centric applications with fast-changing data stored in their corporate databases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), GIS and/or Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. All information updated via Maporama Partner Gateway 2003 is then directly and automatically accessible from their Maporama-powered location-centric application. “Maporama Partner Gateway 2003 was specifically designed for companies needing to share fast-changing location-centric data coupled with powerful location-centric applications in order to reduce their mobile personnel-related costs, manage efficiently their vehicle fleets and/or turn the visitors of their websites into customers by guiding them straight to the closest outlet having a specific product in stock.

An Internet user willing to reserve a hotel room from a hotel chain website has to enter the travel date and the destination address. Maporama provides, in a single click, full coordinates and detailed situation maps for all nearby hotels available for the specified date. Timesavings through powerful data treatment automation Maporama Partner Gateway fully automates data update process, freeing the time spent on manual data updates for other more productive tasks. Total control of the operations Maporama Partner Gateway operates as a totally non-intrusive tool: Maporama Partner Gateway does not connect to Maporama’s customers’ IS – they use this exclusive product to export only the data they decide to, and at a frequency they define. This way, they preserve full control of their data and the actions carried out on their IS and those effectuated on their Maporama address database. The customer also has the possibility to define the employees to grant access to Maporama Partner Gateway 2003.SecurityMaporama Partner Gateway 2003 is totally secured by a login and password for each user. Compatibility with market standards Maporama Partner Gateway is perfectly compatible with all database systems, including Oracle, Informix, DBR and SQL Server. Maporama Partner Gateway is ideal complementary module for ERP systems such as SAP, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Siebel and Oracle Applications.Multi-source data feed functionality. Maporama’s customers can automatically update their address databases simultaneously from multiple information sources. Customers using previous versions of Maporama Partner Gateway benefit immediately and automatically from Maporama Partner Gateway 2003.