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Maporama announces Maporama Logistic Solutions

Maporama, a provider of online location-centric solutions, has announced the launch of Maporama Logistic Solutions, the fourth component of its Maporama Enterprise Solutions product suite. This new module is designed specifically for logistics managers in the retail, distribution, and service sectors.

The logistics department of a company deals daily with large amounts of location-centric data: clients to deliver to, points of sales to supply, warehouses to pick-up from etc. Maporama Logistic Solutions centralizes and exploits this data, dealing with everyday issues encountered by any logistics service:

  • How to efficiently plan and organize logistics flows: deliveries to customers, supplies to points of sales, etc?
  • How to optimize the transportation of goods?
  • How to track the distribution process, delivery status etc., in real-time?

By exploiting the full potential of Maporama¹s location-centric engines, Maporama Logistic Solutions provide flexible and powerful tools that easily integrate into an organization’s infrastructure. These tools can be integrated into any existing communication system, including the Web, Wireless, Intranet and Extranet.

Efficiently plan and organize logistic flows
Maporama Partner Base functions as a complete information system and constitutes a key tool whereby Maporama customers can centralize and synchronize information flows.

Maporama customers can decrease their number of delivery failures due to incorrect or inexistent addresses, by utilizing Maporama Check Address. Thanks to this automatic address verification and correction tool, Maporama customers can prepare deliveries more efficiently, safe in the knowledge their delivery people are sure the address to deliver to, really exists.

Maporama Logistic Solutions also assists logistics managers in smart defining well-balanced delivery zones.

Transport organization and optimisation
Maporama Logistic Solutions automatically computes the best itinerary according to time and/or distance criteria. The total distance is generally cut down by 10-50% compared to distance obtained by manual calculation, representing considerable savings in terms of time and fuel.

Combined with powerful optimization tools, Maporama can also provide customers with a personalized solution according to specific constraints relative to their sector: weight and type of load, pre-defined planning, break-time etc. The delivery person has the ability to download his or her itinerary into a PDA and thus have all essential information (street maps of addresses to deliver to, detailed itinerary instructions; delivery timesŠ) at hand while on the move. In the field, delivery people can access in a single click, the detailed street-level map of their surroundings in order to easily find the delivery address.

Real-time following of distribution processes
In order to rationalize the flow of goods and information, Maporama Logistic Solutions is designed as a powerful delivery process-tracking tool. Scheduled deliveries are pinpointed in real-time, on a street map using specific colours in accordance with their status (delivered, waiting for delivery, being deliveredŠ) When interfaced with localization technology, Maporama offers the ability to display, in real-time, the position of delivery vehicles on a detailed street-level map. The operational centre has thus total control over the ongoing deliveries. Last-minute changes are immediately communicated to the operational centre, which can thus remotely adjust the necessary operations: plan a new delivery, suspend a delivery etc.

Technology built upon industry standard for perfect compatibility and high performance
Maporama Logistic Solutions are provided as ASP (Application Service Provider) products and rely upon the same technologies as all Maporama products: Active Server Pages, XML/XSL and Maporama¹s GIS technology interfaced through MAPIL (Maporama Application Programming Interface Library), a development tool allowing for custom application development using virtually all Maporama¹s location-centric functionalities. Maporama Logistic Solutions is compatible with all communication platforms (Web, Wireless, PDA, set-top boxes) as well as with any mobile or landline telephone device via voice technology.

To feed data into Maporama Partner Base, the central element of Maporama Logistic Solutions, Maporama provides powerful tools allowing for online account management, automatic administration, plus an easy-to-use Web interface allowing for easy updating of data. Maporama’s customers also benefit from the ability to provide each of their points of presence with an easy means of creating and updating information relative to their particular location.

Maporama Logistic Solutions is available immediately.